Decision-Making +

Architectural Competitions - We love building visual and immersive applications that help architectural jury members compare architectural propositions. Available on the web, on tablets, on smartphones or even in VR, we deploy neighborhood-scale city models that can incorporate as many design variances as you wish. The members of the jury can then move around the building and switch between each proposal at will, facilitating the comparison of the merits of each design. More visual, more transparent!

CES 2017 - Le Pod

Endless VR Options - Vectuel is proud to present Le Pod, our latest innovation designed by star designer Ramy Fischler. A revolutionary object on many accounts, le POD is the first connected piece of furniture dedicated to Virtual Reality. Integrated, enhanced with sensors, it really brings VR beyond the visual experience. Come and try it in real conditions on our clients' booths at the MIPIM 2017 in Cannes!

3D Portfolios

Showcase your projects on a web-based user-friendly interface, and display any type of data on our 3D city maps! Our white volume 3D maps are available for any city in the world and enable our clients to showcase their projects in context, with or without realistic rendering. This tool comes with a “profile” feature that makes it ridiculously simple to create personalized maps for different stakeholders: showing or hiding information, projects, data sources.


Vectuel does Community Engagement! 

Participatory Design - This public plaza is a design proposition for covering the city's expressway. The public voted in favor of building a new park - we have designed an immersive virtual reality application available in le Pod to let local residents experience the future park and collaborate to its design. Our “serious game” allows residents to understand and participate through two main features: the ability to compare different scenarios and vote, and the possibility to pick and place items like trees, benches, post lights.

Enhanced Tours for Real Estate

In 2016, we muscled up our offering to real estate developers with two new tools: map3D, a completely customizable map to showcase projects with overlay of data as needed (here), and visit360, our plugin-free, HTML5 module to manipulate a 3D model of any building on marketing websites (check an example here).

The Greater Paris Project

Make TOD Possible - The Greater Paris project is a $25 billion, 10-year-long project that will add 5 subway lines around Paris, and will create 70 new stations, each of which will generate massive new developments around it.Vectuel has created an enhanced 3D map for the Region Ile-de-France to showcase each one of these new neighborhoods.

Decision-making tool

3 - to the neighborhood.jpg

Vectuel has positioned itself as the leader for the creation of tailored decision-making tools for urban planners and elected official. Those services, implemented in the early stages of the planning process, facilitate consensus on large urban projects: bids analysis, support for planning review and commission presentations, support for localized comments, visualization for public engagement and steering committees, etc. Nowhere was this better demonstrated than in Batignolles, Paris, where Vectuel’s model not only helped the dialogue between planners, architects and the various stakeholders, but also contributed to developers’ real estate marketing strategies, city branding with the showcasing of projects on trade fairs (MIPIM, MAPIC) and overall public participation.